Fashionable Decks with a Fragrance


Here's another first deck with a non-standard design, that we've ever seen: a double deck by Dior.


The deck was most likely published by Dior by the end of 2020, probably for the spring collection 2021, judging by the b/w designs with flowers, bees and butterflies. The number cards all have a small illustration of 2 roses in the bottom left corner. Their pips are placed in the regular spots, except for the clubs. There the regular suit sign was replaced by a clover with four leaves in the whole suit. On the number cards they seem to have been randomly placed and one or more bees are added. In both decks the cards have solid silver edges. The decks each consist of 52 cards, 2 jokers and a bridge score table card.


The decks come in a two-piece double box in simple bright white.


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