Fashionable Decks with a Fragrance



Here's another deck that was published for Van Cleef & Arpels perfumes. Once again a luxurious edition: solid gold edges and a black background for the designs. Adding to this "rich" look  are the diamonds that form the special suitcolours in each design.


The deck was designed by H. Simoni. The design of the courts looks classical, but it's a mixture of features from different patterns.
Special are the diamonds that are on the crowns of the Kings and Queens.


The deck was probably published in the mid or late 1990's by Dusserre Editions for Van Cleef & Arpels.


It was printed by Boéchat & Frères.
The deck comes with two jokers and an extra card.


One of the features from the classic French pattern is the shield that the Jack of Clubs holds in his hand.

Usually to show the tax law date, but here it mentions  the name of Van Cleef &  Arpels.

Jokers, aces and some number cards can be seen on the next page.

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