Fashionable Decks with a Fragrance


For people who like to walk around in a T and jeans the world of fashion must seem complicated. There's the Haute Couturier that will start a perfume line, and the Grand Parfumier that starts a fashion line. Each "Name" seems to want to equal the other in the range of products to supply to a world of rich and beautiful people. The tinseltown princesses show Their creations and all imaginable accesories; Their top models become new stars themselves and put their own fashion or perfume line on the market. And in certain social circles even the T and jeans get critical looks, if they are not made by Moschino or Versace. Here's a deck for those who feel comfortable in "the mother of all jeans", a pair of good, but "old-fashioned" Levi's.............


This deck was made by Heron in 1995 and published by L'Oreal for Legendary Harley- Davidson to promote their "eau de toilette".




The deck consists of 52 cards, 2 jokers and a bridge score card.



The reference to this legendary motorcycle brand is reflected in the design of the courts and joker (!)

French indicators are used and the makers name is on the Ace of Clubs.


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