Fashionable Decks with a Fragrance


As we've seen on page 13 the French Hermès company from Paris is not only into fashion, but has also produced a line of frangrances. The decks that have been published for Hermès are all a bit famous. Not only because they are all non-standard, but also because each deck was published as a luxury deck and has solid gold edges. The first Hermès deck was published in 1948 and was designed by Cassandre. We won't show it here, because it is already shown on a different page on this site. CLICK HERE if you want to see it.  

The deck on this page dates from 1997, but isn't their latest publication anymore (see page 19). The courts, aces and joker(s) are specially designed, but the name of the artist isn't mentioned anywhere.

The name of Hermès is on the Ace of Spades. The courts have English indices. The deck was printed by Grimaud.

The deck was published in the usual brownish Hermès doublebox, containing two decks. The second deck has the same backdesign, but in green.


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