Started in March 2004, there will be a new "joker of the month" added to this xpo each month.
The shown joker presents the best one that came to us in that month.

Each year we'll start with a clean sheet, but previous years will remain on xpo.

*** 2021 ***


A disappointing month for this section. I did buy 3 decks, but none of them were ever issued with a joker. So I decided to browse through Miriam's collection again and see which joker would catch my eye. 
I took out the "Women" holder and the first thing that I noticed was that more than 70% of all the jokers were pin-up's or had an erotic content. But no pornographic jokers, Miriam didn't like them. 

From the other 30% I chose this cute girl. Maybe it was the red and yellow, maybe the suit signs, maybe that mysterious number, but I fell for her. There was a b/w version next to it.
I had to look it up in the Hochman, page by page, but I found out that this joker was used by the Arrow Playing Cards Co. (since the mid 1930's known as the ARRCO Playing Cards).

Anyway, a nice one to start the year with.


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