Started in March 2004, there will be a new "joker of the month" added to this xpo each month.
The shown joker presents the best one that came to us in that month.

Each year we'll start with a clean sheet, but previous years will remain on xpo.


*** 2020 ***


A new year and the downsizing of our collection has finally begun. This means going through boxes with decks that still had to be processed, deciding which would stay and which would be sold/swapped. Besides our new Deck of the Month this Joker of the Month comes from a deck that will stay in our collection.

It's a rarely seen Finnish deck, that was printed and published by Abo-Turk in 1941. The courts are done in an Art Deco like style. The used card is not of high quality due to the scarceness of paper, caused by WW II.
The courts are printed in full colour, but this girly joker is just in red/white. The design is not as spectacular as that of the joker from our Deck of the Month -be sure to check it out- but she scores a bit better in rareness. 


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