April 27


Well, we're getting near to the end of this second Lockdown Series. I hope to enjoy an extensive lunch tomorrow on an outside terrace. The weather will be good, the warmest day of the week with lots of sun. The restaurant usually has lobster on the menu, so I'm looking forward to that. And of course an entree, some cheeses selected afterwards and a good wine to wash it all down with. The whole works!  Oh, I've been waiting for this moment since the restaurants had to close mid October. Anyway, after that one last deck to finish this series.
For today I chose this satirical German propaganda deck from WWII, obviously primarily aimed at the British (K's & Q's). Comes with a rare Stalin joker. Miriam only noted this on the file card and c1941 as date. There was no reference to this deck on the WOPC site and I couldn't find it on the WWPCM site either. The only reference I could find on this short notice was in the Cary books (Germany #382), but there's no mention of a maker/publisher. So this deck will be filed under unknown in the index, which I'm going to make when this series will be put on the DXPO site. Unless of course one of you has further info.