The second card that we have chosen for comparison is card #12, showing a pair of birds (doves?), building a nest. 

                                                                                            (The cards are shown at 200 %)


There are a few differences that immediately catch the eye. The color red now marks the end of the tail of the dove in the Carreras version and the drawing of the nest itself is not as detailed as on the original Dondorf versions. Still the general design is pretty much the same. 

To adjust the design to the square format the whole image was cropped. The flying dove has been put much closer to nest and on the bottom the leaves now touch the outline. On both sides the branches of the tree were prolonged a bit.


Dondorf #3

Carreras #1

On Carreras #2 and 3 the original space between the two doves could be restored in the design. Only the stem of the tree had to be prolonged to meet the more oblong size than the original Dondorf format.

Although redrawn the design is basically the same, which is also an important fact here. The Lenormand "rules" only describe the scene that is related to the depicted playing card. Within the limits of this description each manufacturer could make his own interpretation of the scene, as you can see on the next page.

Carreras #2

Carreras #3

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