last update 1/2/2015

This section will be used for the publication of short articles -with lots of pictures of course- that describe a comparison of similar decks. The articles sprang to mind, whenever we had discovered discrepancies or unwanted similarities in the decks that we have added to our collection. So sometimes the articles will have a critical undertone. At this moment there are 10 articles:


 01 Carta Mundi's Millennium Mess.
There were 3 subsequent versions needed to get the Carta Mundi Millennium deck right.
Not one of the publications that Carta Mundi will be proud of.


 02 St. Louis Girls Play A Cheap Trick.
We compared 3 early photographic pinup decks from St. Louis, USA, and 1 turns out to be a cheap trick.


 03 An Indian Copy.
We thought we had all the variations of a German Pin Up deck, but then found a new one.....from India.



Minimal changes in a beautiful deck.
We have searched for the second version of the Cassandre deck, published by Hermes, for over 2 years. When we had finally found it, another version popped up within a fortnight. 



The improved Air Marin deck.
A slightly repaired, but mostly improved version of this deck was found.



Dondorf Fortune Telling cards & variations.
The Bernard Dondorf company has printed and published two fortune telling decks, titled Nr. 1 and Nr. 2. But there are some variations.


Russian Style, a decline in quality.
We have several editions of this Russian standard pattern, from different era's, in different sizes and printing techniques. We show five of them to illustrate a severe decline in quality (and beauty).



The Original, the Repro and the Oddity.
The Dutch Amstel 1870 deck and its Belgian ancestors.
Three versions of an antique Belgian deck by Biermans from Turnhout, of which one raises some questions.


A Wide and a Narrow version..... and their differences.
The Pep Boys auto supplies company has been in business for more than 90 years now. In 1928 Manny, Moe and Jack  published their first advertising deck in a wide model. Later followed by a narrow model. Looks the same at first glance, but there are differences.



Famous French wines, but a diluted deck.
A pretty common French deck, but we found 3 variations that show the decline of French wines in quality and quantity.



As soon as we encounter new oddities, we'll add short articles to this section.