March 9


I couldn't find a reference to this deck, not on the WOPC site nor on the WWPCM site. However, the courts of today's lockdown deck seem to have been based on the Ballet Tarock courts, that was also produced by the First Hungarian Playing Card company. But this deck doesn't have the size of a Tarock deck, rather the opposite: the cards measure 45 x 73 mm. And another significant difference is that the double image is divided by a diagonal line instead of a horizontal one. The name of the manufacturer is on the JC. It's a 52 cards deck, with plain aces, but the most important ace (of hearts) is missing. That ace could have shown a manufacturer's stamp, but almost certainly a tax stamp, which would help to date the deck. It's probably from around 1890, but maybe Németh Péter can provide more information.