March 8


Just heard today that the lockdown and curfew will definitely remain for another 2 weeks and maybe, just maybe, by Easter the bars and restaurants may open their outside terraces. When the lockdown was proclaimed on December 15 and I started this series, it was announced that the lockdown would last until January 19. I had figured that it would take some 35 decks to cover this series, a piece of cake in comparison with the first Lockdown Series of 62 decks. But today we still are in lockdown and a curfew has been added a while ago. If my math is good, this is deck number 83 today. And with the 2 weeks ahead the total will get close to 100. So now even the first Lockdown Series seem to have been a piece of cake. Anyway, I've decided to end this series on the first day that I can have an extensive lunch or decent dinner again, even if that means sitting outside on a cold and rainy day.
That said, today's deck is a so-called no-revoke deck. For those of you who are new to this hobby or are not yet familiar with this term, a no-revoke deck has 4 different suit colours. This is not the first no-revoke deck, but the special thing here is, that it was published by S.F. Hanzel from Chicago in a series of 4 different decks in 1925. The designs of the courts and jokers are the same in all 4 decks, but the aces differ and the back designs. The decks were named blue Spade, green Club, golden Diamond and Sweetheart. This here is the Golden Diamond deck and thus has a special ace of diamonds. The Latin "teneo omnes" on the joker can be loosely translated as "I take all".