March 10


It was one of those decks that had attracted us both from the moment we saw it. Of course I'm still looking for the first edition from 1898, but we were very happy with the redrawn edition, printed by Emil Moestue AS. That edition was published as Peik since 1924 and was available until the beginning of the 1970's. I think we have one of the later decks. Still, the illustrations by Nils Bergslien are great. They are caricatures of some of his fellow inhabitants of Eidfjord (Norway). A reprint by Modiano (Italy) with 4 indices was published in 1984 and a reprint of the original deck from 1898 was printed in China and published by Eidfjord Kommune in 2004. I think we have these editions too, but here's the one by Emil Moestue, see the company logo on the AS.



The box.......