Januari 25


Binchwatching a Netflix series takes up much time, but every once in a while I indulge myself. So a bit later than usual…. a quick and easy one for me today.
It’s French and most likely from the first quarter of the 20th century. Oh, and it’s a fortune telling deck of 32 cards, that can be used on both sides. With blank backs.

Although I have a few, we’ve never collected Tarot decks. But there are some fortune telling decks in the collection. As long as they have the regular suit symbols and order, so mostly Lenormand decks and this type of decks.
Now, for identifying this deck I hope to get some help from the French collectors in this group and if you’re not French, but have some info, you’re welcome too.

Pascal Pette:
Ancien jeu de cartes oracle divinatoire JEU DE LA VOYANTE DE THEBES pour tirer les cartes soi-même. (Antique deck of oracle fortune telling cards LA VOYANTE DE THEBES for laying the cards yourself)

Michel Puaud (par email):
Madame de Thèbes célèbre voyante et cartomancienne s'appelait Victorine Savigny. Née en 1845 et morte en 1916 elle a prédit de nombreuses guerres. Jeu dans une boîte en carton sans indication pour se tirer les cartes soi-même. (The name of Madame of Thebe famous clairvoyant and fortune teller was Victorine Savigny. Born in 1845 and died in 1916 she has predicted a good number of wars. Deck in a carton box without indication for laying the cards yourself)