Januari 26


This afternoon I was scanning a French suited deck by F.X. Schmid for eBay and this came with a set of aces, that delicately showed the German suit, equivalent to the French suit on each ace.  And I realized that I’ve only shown decks with French suits until now. Today’s deck comes from one of the three Dondorf holders. It has German suits. The deck was printed in fine chromolithography and published as “Einköpfige Deutsche Spielkarten” (single headed German playing cards) between 1900 and 1930. This deck here dates from after 1906, as the Ace (Daus) of Leaves shows the Dondorf name with the addition GmbH.
Each of the pip cards has a small illustration. They will be shown when this series will be put on the DXPO website. If you’ve missed the first Lockdown series, do