December 21


I'm sure that today's lockdown deck is not shown on my DXPO site, but I may have posted it once in one of the groups here. I'm not sure.
Anyway, once this second lockdown series has ended the decks will find their way to my site, just like those from the first lockdown series: index
The deck was printed by B. Dondorf and published by Saks & Co. from New York in 1930. Usually the Dondorf name is found somewhere in the deck, but here only "made in Germany" is printed on the backs. Saks & Company claims copyright on each card. The beautiful illustrated courts were probably designed by Johan Bull, as there's a striking similarity in design and style with the Duel deck, that was published in Norway in 1926.
The Saks deck is in fact a four colour deck, with the green clubs and orange diamonds.