December 22


Today’s lockdown deck came from a flea market. The monthly flea market by Van Aerle in Utrecht was much appreciated by all kind of collectors and it has brought us and other playing card collectors some legendary finds. But you had to get up really early and be there around 6:30 AM. In the spring of 2002 Miriam surprised me there with this find. It isn’t in very good condition, but with antique decks you have to take what you can find. The euro had just been introduced here, but the 10 euro that she paid for this deck was of course a steal.
The deck was printed and published by Gassmann from Geneva, Switzerland, around 1860. The courts show the Geneva pattern and there’s a set of those typical embellished aces. The deck has plain pink-red backs and is complete with 52 cards. The tax stamp on the AH was in use in the Vaud Canton from 1851 – 1872, dixit Endebrock.