December 20


A modern deck this time, but with an antique touch. It brought back good memories. We bought it on September 12, 1999 in Brussels. No doubt that was a Sunday, as the BEJC always held their meetings on Sunday mornings. It was the first unusual shaped deck that we had ever seen. Round decks, there were several around and we didn't really count them as odd shaped.
According to the file card it was printed by Imprimerie Castelain from Tourcoing (France, close to the Belgian border) and published by MC Publicité in an edition of 1000 decks, probably a few years earlier than 1999. It was printed on regular carton stock and has blank backs. The pattern could be a fantasy pattern inspired by the antique Rouen pattern. I haven't found an exact same antique pattern. The deck consists of 32 cards, a joker and a (blank) green card. The box shows 2 figures from the courts, but here as a single image.
As said, it was our first "odd shaped" deck. I you want to see what other odd shapes we had collected by 2006: odd shapes