Stacy V(ictor) McClain was born in Albany, Georgia. He began to demonstrate a remarkable talent for creating art at the age of four. Throughout his adolescent years he participated in local art exhibitions, where he won numerous awards for his artistic pieces. After graduating from Monroe High School, Stacy McClain received a four year athletic scholarship to Armstrong Atlantic University (formerly Armstrong State College) where he continued to develop, refine, and master his unique artistic style throughout his 4 year tenure as an Art major. At the end of 2006, Mr. McClain formed his own company, SVMc Artistic Designs.
The deck was published in 2011.
The cards display different African people, warriors on the Jacks and real African Kings, Queens who existed and helped shape African and African American history. These special cards were published in a limited edition of 5000 copies and took 4 years of research and creative development. Each face card - King, Queen, Jack, Ace, and Joker- was beautifully designed, with a keen eye for detail by the artist. The name of the person or people that a card is supposed to represent is notated at the bottom of the card. 

On some cards there are dates to indicate when a particular King or Queen existed.


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