Playing the race card has become an expression that refers to the exploitation of either racist or anti-racist attitudes by accusing others of racism. 
The title was probably chosen deliberately and the design of the joker illustrates the point perfectly. Both members are of the human race, but there's a straight line dividing black and white people, looking away from each other rather than at each other. They are the jokers!
The black suits show people with Afro-American features, dressed in a mixture of red, green, yellow and black dresses. The red suits show  people with Caucasian features, who are basically dressed in red, white and blue, with some yellow accents.
All the faces are probably left blank on purpose, as this underlines the statement on the textual joker: in the end we're all of the human race. Colour doesn't matter, or at least it shouldn't.
The information on the box is limited to the name of the publisher, The Concept Card Co., and "Made in America". On the inside of the top flap exclusive right on the designs was claimed in 1995.



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