I don't know how long copyrights last and there certainly are a number of differences between this publication and the original Sheba deck (see 02), but this deck leans heavily on the original. The box may say "limited edition", but it could better be described as a (poor) re-edition.
But maybe Philbee Inc. had bought the rights and could legally state on the box that "Sheba is a trademark of Philbee Inc.". The deck was printed in the USA, but here too the name of the printer isn't mentioned anywhere.
As said, there are some differences. The most obvious is that the blue, that was used in the designs of the original deck, has been left out. 
The designs of the kings, queens and jacks haven't changed, but on some cards they have changed suit, e.g. the King of Clubs in this deck was the King of Spades in the original.
The design of the Ace of Spades has been simplified.
Although the same font was used for the indices, the suit signs of the spades and clubs are regular here, while they were made a bit special in the original deck. Somehow the "upward stretched" diamond was kept.
In the original deck there was only one textual joker, in this edition both jokers are used to explain the 3 depicted figures.




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