And some more printed collectibles:

This sheet of US "tax stamps" comes with a special deck that was published by the AIGA chapter from San Francisco in 2004.
AIGA stands for American Institute of Graphic Arts.


Here below a wonderful, carton advertising shield -printed in chromolithography- depicting the Dondorf Festival car at the 11th Festival of the  German Singers Union in Frankfurt am Main, July 1932. Probably Dondorf's last festivity.....about a year later the company was taken over by the VASS and the name Dondorf ceased to exist, after 100 years.



A Bezique counter by Grimaud, ca 1930

Sample cards from the VASS, ca 1925.


This small carton coaster comes

with a small Ritzenhofer "schnapps" glass,
that has a special playing card design.
Germany, 2004.


a small paper bag advertising Modiano

A dinner menu

on special    designed cards.

truly " la carte", Holland, probably 1950's.

A beer label from France.

A Bridge score book, USA 1930's.


The cover of a Bridge score note book, made in Holland, probably not long after WWII had ended here in 1945. The paper that was used is very thin and the whole booklet is a fine example of the imposed thriftiness during the first post-war years. 

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