Here's some other small collectibles:

A matchbox cover

Belgium, 1950's, for Semois tobacco brand.



Two advertising coasters for beer.

on the left: 1980's       above: ca. 1950.



A sugar pouch from Belgium     


Cigar-bands are a popular collectible in Holland. They come in series from 32 to 52. On the left is one from a series that presents a complete 32 cards deck of the "Cartes Comiques" by Dondorf. But other series show the Dutch pattern or 36 different jokers. We were amazed by the number of different series that we found........21 !

Agatha Heeren is (or was) a collector of ex-libris designs and also interested in playing cards. She has commissioned several artists to design an ex-libris with a playing card theme. This one was done by Dafinel Duinea from Rumania in 1985.

Napkins with playing card themes can be found easily. Just step into any Bridge shop anywhere and they'll probably have some. They often have cards with the international pattern on them, but here's one with a fantasy pattern.

Ever since they came into use, people have collected them......stamps.
Here's a cute sheet of stamps from the days that Bill Clinton "did not have sex" with Monica Lewinski. It was published in Belarus.

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