April 19


Light again! Only a few days ago dates in May were suggested by the government, but today leaks to the press mentioned April 28 as date for lifting the curfew and opening terraces and shops again. For the terraces there were a few restrictions, but they wouldn't affect me, nor the friend I usually do rich lunches or dinners with. As soon as it's official I'll start calling some restaurants to try and make a reservation, for the 28th if possible. So maybe another 8 or 9 days and this Lockdown series will come to an end.
In the meantime I've chosen this Daveluy deck as today's contribution. In the Belgian book about Daveluy by Biebouw, Clays, Cremers, D'hondt and Smet it is described as Daveluy 1, in print between c1850 - 1895. So Miriam noted c1870 on the file card. The pattern is a far descendant of the Paris pattern. In Belgium known as "cartes marbrées", but it's also sometimes referred to as the Brussels pattern. The IPCS classification is PV-3 (PV= Provincial Variant). Anyway, it obviously is a deck that was made for everyday use with only a few basic colours and a pattern that was easily recognized throughout Belgium at that time. The name of the maker is printed on the QD and on the KD "dépose" has been added. Plain aces.