April 18


Today's deck is only a year old and was published in 2020 as "The Poker Deck of the Drowning World". The deck was designed by Nicolas Kahn & Richard Selesnick, an artist duo from the US. In fact this deck could be called a "refurbished" version of their deck from 2007, which was part of an art exhibition called "Eisbergfreistadt". Be sure to compare these images with the original version and read more about the art project: kands-1. That deck was printed in India, today's deck was printed in Taiwan by the Expert Playing Card Co. Just like the original deck, the cards from the deck form a panorama without beginning or end. Each image connects with the image of the next card and the last with the first again. The suits have been replaced by: chimneys, birds, icebergs and weeds. The only thing that bothers me, is that in this new edition they have kept the indices/numbers in the right top corner. Not that I'm going to play cards with this deck, but if I -as a right-handed person- would, I'd have a problem sorting the cards.