April 9


Another Italian deck today. This time a modern designed deck by a Japanese artist, Tiger Tateishi (1941-1998), who lived in Italy between 1969 and 1982. There are 2 Italian decks with his work in our collection. I don't think that he created another deck in Italy. I chose the one that was published for Dalmine in 1977. The deck was printed by Masenghini from Bergamo. The artwork is less surrealistic than in his other deck and in my opinion a bit more apt for playing cards, but it still shows Tateishi's preference to fill the canvas with fine detailed designs. In this deck each suit presents a different animal species: birds (spades), insects (hearts), mammals (clubs) and fish (diamonds). Aces show their respective environment. The 52 cards deck comes with 2 similar designed jokers and an extra card. Published as a double deck.