April 8


Since today there's a faint light at the end of the tunnel. It's expected that the Dutch government will lift the curfew and allow terraces again, but after 2 weeks from now and there are a lot of ifs to deal with first. And the first opposition was already expressed by specialists and hospital workers of several IC units. At the moment they are almost filled to the brim. Well, we'll see what happens. Still waiting for my vaccination too.
So a new day...... a new deck. Yesterday someone asked me why there were no Italian decks in these Lockdown series. I checked and he was right, but there was no special reason for that. Somehow I never got the Italian holders out. So guess what, today's deck was printed and published in Italy. It's a fortune telling deck of 52 cards titled "La Vera Sibilla" by Morreale from Milan. We bought the deck in 2004 and I remember that one of the reasons was the date of the stamp at the top of the 2 of diamonds: Nov. 1951. I was born that month.