April 5


Besides a few Tarot decks we have gathered only three other games during all those years. Two Mah Jong decks (one by Piatnik and of course the beautiful Electrical Mah Jong by De La Rue) and this Khanhoo game. The original Chinese game was adapted by Sir W.H. Wilkinson, according to Wikipedia in the mid 1890's, but our game set came with a rules booklet that is dated 1891. The set consists of two identical packs of 30 cards and a joker. The packs have the same back design. This deck is probably from the first edition, with plain pink backs. Later editions did have a design on the backs. Each pack holds the ace to 9's of clubs, diamonds and hearts, a jack, queen and king (holding a card) and a joker. For the sheet Miriam had picked out the most interesting looking cards (all other cards are regular) and added the booklet and two Goodall advertising papers. So that selection is what I'm going to show you as today's lockdown deck.