April 4


Before the playing cards I have collected comic books for about 20 years until the late 1980's. At first the classic European comics, but since the mid 1970's also the American underground comics. Today's deck shows the characters from the comic book age that inspired me to start collecting them later on. It's a French deck, but I'm sure you'll recognize some of the characters. The deck was published as "Comicartes" by Willeb from Paris in 1959. At that time I came to know Blondie from the back page of the TV guide and she was my first love. Well, I was 8 years old.
It's a 32 cards deck, but with an additional joker. Only the courts are illustrated, the aces are plain, except for the in France usual decoration on the AC.

Daniel Wilson:
Spades are characters from "Blondie""; clubs "Popeye"; diamonds "Bringing Up Father" (or "Jiggs and Maggie"); and hearts "The Little King".