March 17


Today's deck was bought in France in 1999 and the seller mentioned that it was made by Grimaud. However, except from the French indices there was no reference to a maker. It's a 32 cards deck, so no joker as means of identification either. Our best guess at the time was that it would probably date from around 1925-1930. So this was the info that I found on Miriam's file card. Couldn't find the deck on the WOPC site, but Sacha showed the modern Greek versions and a few cards from an early version, probably from the 1920's. The modern decks all had mirrored designs on the courts, but the early version had the same designs as these courts and one small Greek index. So where were these courts originally conceived: in Greece or in France? Anyone?


Old version from Greece: Elpic Kerkyra as maker?

All courts in the Greek edition of this deck from the 1970's were horizontally mirrored, except for the QD and JD. However on the JD his helmet was redrawn.
Name and logo of maker in the center of the AS: Aspiotis Elka A.E.