March 14


Today's deck is the successor of yesterday's deck. It was published as "Hollandia" too in 1928. That probably means that the first Hollandia deck had been out of sale for at least a few years. So it's known among collectors of the Speelkaartenfabriek Nederland as "Hollandia - B". But it's not a reprint of the first deck. The designs on the courts are done in a much simpler way and they lack the warmth of the Hollandia - A deck, because the chromolithography is done in less colours. But there are more differences. The courts don't have letters as indices, but the kings have a crown, the queens a fan and the jacks a wooden shoe. The aces don't have an A, but a 1 instead. The scenes on the AC have remained the same, although simpler in design. The scenes on the AH were taken from the AD in Hollandia -A and the scenes on the AS from the AH. However, the AD has only one scene from the first edition AS. Rotterdam has been removed and replaced by a second scene from the Zaanstreek. The deck comes with a special designed joker. The backs are done as a tableau of Delft Blue tiles with typical Dutch scenes. The cards have gold corners.