Februari 26


Today I received Frank Jensen's "Collectors Guide to Playing Cards in Denmark" from Ali. Of course I immediately glanced through it and I was remembered of an advertising deck that I've liked from the minute I saw it. There are 52 cards (no jokers) and Miriam had put the courts, aces and one pip card in the sheet. However, the sheet had lost it's number sticker. I will search for the rest of the deck this weekend, but for now you'll have to do with the available cards. When I remodel this series into an xpo on my site, I will add all the cards there.
Printed by F.E. Bording A.S. from Kopenhagen and published around 1940. Each card has a Maerkart (brand card) number. I don't think that they were ever produced as a deck, but rather as separate cards. There are small differences in size and some inaccurate cutting of the cards. The cards are somewhat smaller than usual and have blank backs. Maybe they were inserted with products? Frank doesn't mention this, but his catalogue image also shows a few poorly cut cards. But besides that our deck is in a poor condition too. Note the 4H with advertising for Warburgs playing cards.