Februari 25


Where did Frommann go? That should be the question about today's deck. I don't know much about this deck. It's described as "Historical Figures", but I'm not sure if that's the official name. The courts show existing kings and queens and noblemen. They are all named and -as far as I've checked- recognizable portraits. On the JC the name and place of the maker is found: Morian and Darmstadt. However, Morian is always mentioned in connection with Frommann. As far as I know it all started with Maximilan Frommann, who had a printshop in Darmstadt and was active in the 1870's. He had 2 children, who started their own prinshops: Frommann & Bunte and Frommann & Morian. I know that in the 1920's the latter had published decks as "Morian's Whist", but then Frommann was still mentioned on the JC. On the JC in this deck Frommann has disappeared, so..... where did Frommann go? Anyone?
The deck came without a box and neither the WOPC nor the WWPCM site showed this deck, so I don't know under which title the deck was published. Our deck has 52 cards, but maybe there should have been a joker too. The tax stamp on the AH was in use between 1931 and '36. However, in 1929 Frommann & Morian was taken over by the VASS. Maybe this came from old stock that was taken over too. Maybe this was the last of the decks that was made by (Frommann&) Morian. Printed in chromolithography.
One last remark: on the backs crowns are printed. When you hold the cards you can feel the crowns. They were printed in a last run on the otherwise smooth design. I've only seen or better felt that technique on the front of the cards from Dondorf's centennial deck, for the gold details.