Februari 22


According to Franz Braun today's deck was first made for export to Italy, but appeared as nr. 272 in the general pricelists since 1913. The "Carte Medicee" show members of the house of the Medici, who ruled Tuscany as Grand Dukes for many decades, and their spouses. They are all named on the courts. The aces show the many different palaces and villa's of the family. The cards are printed in very fine chromolithography by B. Dondorf GmbH. The name of Dondorf is on the JS, but also as a sort of logo the family emblem of the Medici. A large version is used as illustration on the backs. The deck was in print until 1933, but in later editions a gold borderline was added around the large pip on the courts. The deck has 52 cards, 1 joker and gold corners. Last image shows the incredible craftsmanship of the Dondorf lithographers.