Februari 21


I don't recall when I saw this deck for the first time, but it was immediately put on my personal wish list. Miriam didn't care much for it, but I was fascinated by the sometimes complex designs in a clear line style. Or maybe space stuff is just a man's thing. Anyway, it didn't take long before I could add it to our collection. I had already been active on eBay for a few months, but although it's an American deck, I bought it during the Collectors Day at the National Playing Card Museum in Turnhout on June 6, 1998. Not that my memory is so good, but Miriam's file card said so.
Anyway, today's lockdown deck was printed by the USPCC and published by Rockwell International. It dates from the early 1980's and my best guess is that it was published around the first flight of the Space Shuttle (Colombia) in April 1981. The Space Shuttle is pictured on the AS, QS and that mesmerizing back design. Astronauts on the kings and queens, engineers on the jacks.