Februari 19


I usually post the lockdown decks at night, but in the early hours of the 20th...........
"I'm in the dark here, just as I was going to scan today's deck. A regional power break. I hope it will be fixed within the hour. Otherwise it will have to wait until tomorrow, as it's already 1:35 AM here."
And it took the power company just over 3 hours to fix the problem.

So, with a delayed deck now. It's from former Czechoslovakia. Printed by the OTK from Prague and published by Dielo enterprise SFVU from Bratislava in 1957. The pattern is based on the William Tell or Four Seasons cards, originally called Hungarian cards (see: tell-0). What attracted me in this deck were the figures on the "Uber" cards. They have that heroic socialist-realism that was used to propagate the elevation of the working class, although that was more on paper than in reality.