Februari 18


On the 15th I showed the Rokoko deck here, while I was searching for another deck from Bielefeld. Time to show you that one now. In 1948 the company E. Gundlach Aktiengesellschaft (AG) from Bielefeld was incorporated. In the very first edition of their first deck the colour scheme wasn't as strict per suit and the jacks looked a bit too feminine in the eyes of the producer. This was changed in the second edition in that same year. However, within this second edition there are 2 variations. The deck that's shown in full here is from the first variation from 1948. There are minimal changes in the second variation (1949). In the last scan it's clear that the JS lost his feather and banner and the aces lost their vague decoration around the center pip. Otherwise all the designs (by graphic artist Lange) are exactly the same.
The company name was changed to Bielefelder Spielkarten GmbH in 1950.