Februari 3


And now, for a change……… a modern one again.
Today’s lockdown deck was designed by the Brazilian artist Clécio Penedo (1936-2004) and published in 2000 by the Imperial Museum in Petrópolis, not far from Rio de Janeiro, to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the (official) discovery of Brazil. I don’t know the name of the manufacturer and it’s probably not in the booklet that came with the double deck, otherwise Miriam would have made a note of that on the file card. The quality of the cards isn’t that of COPAG. The deck consists of 52 cards and 2 similar extra cards. I wouldn’t call them jokers, but they can probably be used as such. I think they carry the title of the deck: “Viva o Povo Brasileiro” (Brazilian people?), showing beautiful portraits of the three main demographic groups of the Brazilian population.

Radoslaw Repa: 
Indeed, it seems to be very representative of all social groups of Brazilian population. The descendants of slaves are missing, I think, and First Nations are shown with a joker.

José Luiz Pagliari: 
Radoslaw Repa is wrong as the descendant of slaves is there. The Asian man who is missing. They also contributed to the formation of the Brazilian people.