Februari 2


This lockdown series will take longer than expected. Already two weeks longer than the initial plan was, but today we heard that it will probably take another 3 weeks before restaurants may open again…… or not.
So today I got to spend about an hour again on this deck, but it was an early favourite so a pleasure to see it again. The deck was published by the Fan-C-Pack Co. Inc. (brand of King Press, New Jersey) in 1935 as “Past-L-Eze”. Probably because the rather geometric designs of the courts are set against a background in a soft pastel colour, that is easy on the eyes. Here in the Goat deck a light shade of green. The cards in the Pan deck have a light shade of pink.
We bought our first deck in 1999 and it had the “Old Curiosity Shop” on the backs. A few years later we spotted the deck with these back designs. They came in a double box, published as “The Pipes of Pan”. One deck has the Pan back and the other shows a dancing goat. The Pan deck has gold edges, the Goat deck silver ones. Years later we found the two score pads with a card glued on to them.

Daniel Wilson: 
That's weird; my Pan deck has silver edges while my Goat one is gold.