Januari 28


As all collectors will have experienced, you can’t be too fussy when you find an antique deck that is new to you. You take what you can get. So when we found this deck at a bargain price, we didn’t mind the condition that much. There’s always a chance that you will find a better copy one day and until then you will have to be happy with what you got.
The deck was printed in chromolithography by the Skånska Lithografiska AB from Malmö, Sweden, and published as Malmö Cards from around 1916 until 1937. According to Ali’s catalogue there are three versions: without indices, with 2 indices without a joker and with 4 indices and a joker. Our deck has 2 indices and dates from c1920. Btw the kings don’t have an index, but a small crown instead. The stamp on the AH is not a tax stamp, but the manufacturer’s stamp.