Januari 23


In todayís lockdown deck only one of the courts has a name: Tjordenskjold. Itís not the name of the maker, but of the depicted figure, Peter Tjordenskjold, a famous Norwegian captain at sea, who died at the age of 30 as Vice Admiral in the Dano-Norwegian navy.
The name of the maker is on the AS: N.W. Damm & Son from Oslo, Norway. The deck was first printed in 1901 and published as Tjordenskjold No 20 (Jerremalm). This deck is from a later date, recognizable by the large, solid indices. The first edition had fine, small indices. The Norwegian tax stamp on the AS was in use from c1930 - c1950 (Endebrock). Because the deck was printed in fine chromolithography, I date it as early 1930ís.