Januari 17


In a response post to the La Turnhoutoise deck from 2 days ago Ali Jerremalm referred to the Frank Jensen catalogue. I don't have that catalogue, but today I came across a Danish deck that came with a note that said: old Handa house pattern, 1944, Jensen 11A-01. In Ali's catalogue of the playing cards of the Nordic countries I found a Handa house pattern with Jensen 11A-03 as reference. And the accompanying images showed completely different courts.
Apparently Handa started producing playing cards by the end of WWII, around 1944. If I go by Jensen's numbering, today's deck should be a first version of the house pattern. I added two pictures of the box today, because I found the printed "3. Fabrikaton" rather intriguing in this context. I hope that Ali can provide an explanation.
The courts are not as nice as yesterday's, but the joker is cute and, if the dating is correct, probably the first Handa joker.

Ali Jerremalm:
Hi Joop, really a lovely deck, and the oldest known Handa, even if the text on the box suggests that there should have been two older versions...
Eddie Schuiling had it in his collection, but it wasn't there any longer when I acquired his collection of Scandinavian cards. I had to settle for 11A-02, which is the next step towards Handa's house pattern.

Joop Muller:
Hi Ali, I thought that you would have the deck. Somehow I think this deck will fit your collection better than mine. PM me with a fair offer.


From Ali's catalogue....