Januari 12


Today's lockdown deck is a WWI deck and dates from 1915. After they had published theDeutsche Einheitskarte (see Deck of the Month August 2014 and press 08) the Vereinigte Stralsunder Spielkartenfabriken printed and published the "Starlsunder Kaiserkarte". Both decks were published to maintain and create support fro the war. The kings represent the Kings of Bavaria, Württemberg, Saxon and Prussia, of which the latter had become Kaiser (Emperor) William II of Germany and de facto the instigator of WWI. The Queens represent science, commerce, trade and agriculture. The Jacks show high ranking officers and a politician. The double image idea is also used on the aces, with an upside down flying zeppelin etc, except for the AS. I guess submarines don't show their best side when they are upside down in the water.