Januari 11


A more simple designed deck this time. I was already upstairs and had set the downstairs alarm, when I realized that I hadn’t picked a lockdown deck yet. Fortunately there were two decks on my desk that I had picked up last Friday. I have the pattern, but my deck, advertising the Polish Airline LOT on the back, didn’t come in the original box and these two did. I chose to keep the green deck, as it had an extra card which the red deck didn’t have.
The deck (52+2j+ec) was printed by the KZWP (Krakowskie Zaklady Wyrobow Papierowych) from Poland and published as “Ludowe” (Folk) in 1964. The courts show figures dressed in regional costumes, which are explained on the extra card. The joker is also described there, but I don’t speak or understand Polish. Maybe a Polish member of this group can give an adequate translation?

Laherte Guerra:
Well... let's see if (and hope) some Polish speaker would agree to this translation that www resources have allowed me to venture:
"Turon (goat), festive monstrosity appearing in folk events".
Still according to the extra card, the king of clubs represents a highlander costume for folk dance Zbójnicki from the Podhale region.
That is one more delightful set of designs by the venerable Franciszek Bunsch, who is 94 years old now.

Radoslaw Repa:
Spades: King - folk costume of Gorals from Zywiec Beskids, Queen and Jack - Opole Silesia, region attached to Poland after WWII.
Diamonds: Kurpie, Sieradz, Opoczno.
Clubs: Podhale region.
Hearts: folk costume of Krakowiacy, a subethnic group who inhabits the era from Cracow to Tarnów.