December 16


On my DXPO website I show more than 750 different decks. I don't like to show decks twice there, so it's a bit difficult to find interesting decks, that I haven't shown before. But there's one that has always been a favourite of us and somehow never made it to one of the xpo's on our site.
The Russian "Anti-Religious" deck was printed in fine chromolithography by the State Playing Card Monopoly a.k.a Colour Printing Plant from St. Petersburg in the early 1930's. The deck was designed by S. Levashev. There are a few versions: with Russian indices, with Russian text in the center circle of the aces and without text. And as shown here, with English indices.
The depicted religions are: Confucianism (spades), Roman Catholicism (hearts), Russian Orthodox (clubs) and Judaism (diamonds).

Btw if you have missed the first lockdown series, the decks can be seen HERE.