December 15


I had to give it some good thought, the idea to start a second lockdown series here.
Since December 15 the Netherlands is in lockdown again and that means that we'll be spending more time at home. All the shops, except the essential ones, are closed now. Restaurants and bars had already been closed several weeks ago.
This lockdown will last until January 19, so 5 weeks means 35 decks from our collection to post here. The first lockdown series brought 62 daily decks and an extra 3 during that period. So 35 decks should be a piece of cake.
Here's the first (belated) one to kick it off.
The deck was made by Reynolds & Sons from London and has a single image English pattern. It was described by Ken Lodge as R1, c 1865. I'm not a fan of this pattern, so this deck was sold yesterday on eBay.
I liked the detailed faces and garments, but not enough to keep the deck. But as it was on my desk now, it was an easy choice.
Tomorrow, or better later today, I will go through the collection and pick a deck that will stay in there.