April 30



I was inspired by the deck that Yves Lemains has posted in this group. Apparently without any further available info. That deck was hand coloured, but the kings and jacks looked very familiar. They are still used in what we call here the Dutch pattern. Cartamundi has flooded the Dutch market with this pattern and it's still in use and popular among players. 
The lockdown deck of today has these kings and jacks too, but with a different set of queens. Printed in lithography, stencil coloured, but the maker is unknown. However, a rough date and place can be given, because the tax stamp on the AH was used in Hamburg, Germany, between 1863 and 1874.

Laherte Guerra:
That is the Standard Pattern #75, https://i-p-c-s.org/pattern/xp2.html , used to this day in Portugal. Being continuously produced in that country for round 140 years and long extinct elsewhere, I wonder why a name like e.g. "Modern Portuguese pattern" couldn't deservedly be a recommended name for a so far anonymous standard pattern.

Joop Muller: Laherte Guerra, I don't know about deservedly, but why don't you propose this to Kay Stolzenburg. He's in charge of the pattern sheets.