April 29



Today's lockdown deck has had a short delay, because I was finishing the article about the new Deck of the Month for the DXPO site. The upload will be done in the early hours of the 1st of May. Teasers will be placed in several FB playing cards groups.
Okay, our lockdown deck. It was printed by the Wert Papier Druck from Riga and is known as the 5th National Latvian deck. The designs were done by Arturs Duburs. The first edition dates from 1941.
That edition has Latvian indices and that brings me to the oddities of this deck here: first, the German indices. This could mean that this deck was made for the German occupants of Latvia during the war. It is printed on good stock, a luxury in Latvia during the war, and has plain aces. The second oddity is that these aces don't have the A as index, as is usual in German decks, but have 1's, which are mostly used in France.
Anyone with an opinion about this deck?

Laherte Guerra:
Dūzis is Latvian for "ace" and shares the same initial than their name for the "queen" card, Dāma, so it doesn't look surprising that all the first packs of cards made in that Baltic country had "1" as corner index on the aces. The same issue had aroused on the jacks: "S" indices, standing for "Sulainis", were a broken alternative then found in order to avoid confusion since the name for that card is Kalps.