TYPE B (3rd edition)

As you can see this edition is an attempt to create the Type A images, but printed in offset. It's easy to see why players (and probably the publisher too) were not happy with this change. Personally I too would say that the poor condition of the deck here below reflects it's quality very well.
But switching to the cheaper offset was done in an attempt to reduce production costs. Chromolithography becomes more expensive when more print runs are needed and I believe Denning when he says he counted 11 colours in the Type A decks.

Although the images on the courts remain the same, this deck is qualified as Type B, because it had probably been too difficult to copy the fine lined background on the aces of spades and hearts. They were replaced by a sort of clouded skies, a bit like the ace of clubs already had in the Type A decks. Also no gold print was used. Here red is used for the outlines and the full names of the kings, queens, jacks and aces.

The first edition of the Type A deck is a rare find, but the Type B deck is considered to be just as rare. The reason for this is that both decks, although for different reasons, didn't bring the aimed acceptance by players or publisher and as a result of that were only produced for a short while. It's likely that production started in a limited number.