Just like the "Joker of the Month" in the Jokers section we will select a "Deck of the Month" from all the decks that we could add to our collection during that month. It will be what we consider our best find. We've started this section in April 2007 and without any doubt we can say here that over the years there will be antique, vintage and modern decks shown on these pages. Age, design and value of the chosen decks may be very different each time.



July 2020



When you have to downsize your collection, you'll have to be very picky in buying decks too. This month I haven't bought a single deck, just a sheet with 99 Heineken jokers, printed by the Dutch SN (Speelkaartenfabriek Nederland). It seems that this manufacturer has more often printed jokers for decks separately.
Fortunately this lovely lady arrived on of July 7, although the deck was bought on June 24.


O. Gibert from Paris printed and published a few "costumes" or "fashion" decks in the 1850's and this is one of them. Jean Verame gave them the collective name of "Cartes Parisiennes". The designs are hand colored, delicate etchings, in which the colored figures are set against a pale colored background. This style must have been popular, as B.P. Grimaud & Cie copied that style in 2 decks with historic figures (e.g. our Deck of the Month September 2016: Jeu Impérial au Armes des Quatre Empires from 1858). Le Bourgeois has also published a fashion deck in this style around 1868 and Avril has printed a copy of at least one Gibert deck in the 1860's too. While researching this deck, it became clear that these decks were popular in the 1850's and 60's. So I was a bit amazed to find that this Gibert deck here was dated in the Cary collection as c1890 (France, #362).

Maker's name is printed on the JC, on the JD someone scribbled...


The courts show the costumes of that era for the gentlemen, their wives and servants.



It seems that Gibert used the same decorations of the suits in each of his decks. Later Avril also used these same decorations on his aces.



The deck consists of 52 cards. The backs are light blue.