a BELGIAN DECK pre 1850

This deck was apparently engraved by the same person as the previous deck, "Pinsar". In that deck the maker's name wasn't found, but the deck here below does mention the name and place of the maker: J.J. Dubois from Liege. 

Most interesting cards are: King of Spades (name of maker), Jack of Spades (name engraver), Jack of Clubs (name of place) and the Jack of Diamonds. On that card is printed "déposées aux termes de la loi" (deposited along the terms of the law).

It's a cheaply printed deck -woodblock and stencil coloured by hand- that was made for the general public.

The deck consists of 52 cards, no indices or numbers on any of them, and was probably published around 1840, maybe a bit earlier.


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